Tuesday, November 14, 2006

costume: Rock-N-Roll Bunny Rabbit

(Halloween 2006)

Unfortunately, I think this is the only picture I have of this costume. My daughter said she wanted to be a "rock-n-roll bunny rabbit."

I selected some pale purple fuzzy fabric and made her some pants. Then I added a fluffy tail. For her upper-half, I bought a black hoody and sewed a big "AC/DC" patch to the back. I also decorated the hoody with safety pins, studs, and buttons featuring bands she likes.

I found the headband at the hobby store- but it was actually meant to be a tan puppy. I removed the original ears and created my own with cardboard. Then I covered the headband with the same purple fabric as the pants. I mounted a Mr. Potato Head nose to the muzzle, added whiskers and some over-sized teeth from a scrap of white pleather. Lastly, I made her a candy bag that looked like a guitar.

I forgot my camera that Halloween... I hope to one day dig this costume out of storage and see if I can get some shots.