Friday, December 6, 2013

Snomelette Man

Winter in our part of Texas rarely brings snow. Instead we get ice storms! The kids still get really excited to go crunch around in the frosty grass and slide down icy hills in laundry baskets (pictures to come) but to commemorate the frozen day, I made a giant snowman omelette for breakfast!

For each separate omelette, I first arranged the veggies in a hot greased pan (stove top). Then, from a bowl of whipped eggs, cheese, garlic, and salt, I poured the eggs gently around the features, allowing the eggs to spread without disturbing the snow man details. Then I poured a little more egg mixture on top of the features to lock them in.

After the omelette was set on the edges, I covered the pan with a lid to help set the middle. Once it looked sturdy, I gave it a flip. 

In the mean time I heated the oven. After the head was done, I arranged it on a pizza pan and kept it warm while I made the two body omelettes- following the same protocol.

Once the omelettes were arranged, I added arms, which I made from carrot slices, and sprinkled him with chives.

My snowman has a triangle-carrot nose, mushroom eyes and smile, and little clusters of chopped olives for buttons- but you can use whatever you have on hand. I served him up with chili-lime Cholula and a side of bacon bits. He was a great success!

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