Friday, October 31, 2003

costume: monster

(Halloween 2003)

Chula, the monster
In the early years, I made her Halloween costumes based on her current personality traits. She was about 20 months here- a bundle of ferocious, adorable, energy. Plus she made a lot of growly noises...

I consider this a "cheater" costume, because I used an existing pair of feetsie jammies as my sewing base. I stitched crazy melon colored fur directly onto the jammies. Once I had most of the body constructed, I cut away the inner jammie fabric. I use the "cheater" method with bulky fabrics to ensure a good fit. I built a huge stuffed tail, and covered some Aqua Sox with fur for monster feet- complete with toe nails! (Toe nails made from egg carton.)

I also added a mane of crazy yarn and random stringy trim, which runs from the top of her head, to the tip of her tail. Between the bits of crazy, colorful hair there are big bumpy scales- also made from egg carton. I especially like her big pointy ears.

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