Monday, November 1, 2004

costume: puppy dog

Chula as a puppy, Halloween 2004

Whenever my two year old doesn't want to do what we've said, we have a brief confrontation, then she turns into a puppy dog and the doggie does everything we tell it to. I guess it's her way of saving face because it's the puppy following instructions, not her.
So it's only fitting that this should be her costume this year.

We entered her at the childrens costume contest at the University. She won 2nd place! Honestly, she should have won first- that lame kid was wearing a STORE BOUGHT costume (what ugly words!) of Captain Hook. Anyway, her prize was dinner for four at Chuck E. Cheese, with complimentary drinks and tokens. Hooray!

This was a "cheater" costume- where I used an old pair of jammies as a base, sewed the fur to the outside, and then cut away the jammies when I was done. I typically use this method when sewing with bulky, furry fabrics so ensure a good fit. The bulk of the costume is a warm, caramely brown. I added chocolate colored spots in the same fabric. The suit is one piece with a front zipper and a large hood. She's got a waggy tail and floppy ears, lined with pale pink flannel. I added a cardboard bone nametag to her zipper pull, and drew on some whiskers with an eyeliner. the fire hydrant was the photographers idea- but it's pretty cute- if I do say so myself.

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