Sunday, November 20, 2005

costume: Superkid

my super family
Okay, so I only made one thing in this whole picture- but we were going for a theme! I got a job working as a costumed superhero in a theme restaurant, so we decided to have some fun with it.

The Hubbs is wearing the shirt I bought him. He hate Superman, so he was being an awful good sport to pose with us. This is his "tough guy" pose. (Hahahaha!)

 I'm wearing a store bought Secret Wishes brand Supergirl costume. I made my previous Supergirl top, and-oh my- it was so terrible I am thankful not to have pictures. The "S" logo is so iconic, even a slight deviance is obvious... and I made it out of slippery lycra/spandex dance fabric. It was very obvious that a person with relatively little costuming skill had made it- that person being me...

Chula is wearing  the top from a little boy's jammy set. I bought a pair of red sweat pants, just slightly bigger than she is (so the waist would still fit her) and cut the legs of at an angle at the crotch, creating a very quick and simple angled skirt. She wore her red high tops and that was it!

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