Thursday, November 3, 2005

costume: Kim Possible

November 2009
I have photos of this costume somewhere, I need to find/post them.
I'm putting this post in November 2005 until I find the pictures- I'm not sure of the actual date...

A woman eating in the restaurant asked Cinderella if she'd be interested in working her five year old daughter's birthday party as Kim Possible. Cinderella had a conflict and referred the woman to me. I had no idea who Kim Possible was, but turns out she's pretty cool. It's a Disney show, and I think there are also a couple of movies.

This poster from pretty much sums it up.

The party was cheerleader themed, so I made Kim's uniform (shown on the left.) I made the whole outfit from t-shirt fabric, bought matching pom-poms, and found an orange and purple long sleeve athletic shirt to wear if it was cold out. I also made a big "M" with an adhesive back to put on the shirt so it would look like a letterman's sweater. Finally, I died my hair a gorgeous shade of red-orange.

I parked around the corner from the party and ran up to the door- told the kids my helicopter had dropped me off. Her mom shook my hand (slipping me a hefty check) and said she was so excited to meet me. The girls were suspicious and quizzed me about my family, school, and love interests. After I passed their test (with flying colors, I might add) I taught them a Middleton Mad Dog cheer (Kim's High School.)

M-A-D! (and then clap, clap, clap with your pom poms)
D-O-G! (clap, clap, clap)
That's how we (turn around)
Spell VIC-TOR-Y! (throw your hands up and leap into the air)

That's when my "communicator" was supposed to beep, but her mom forgot to go call my cell phone, so I just said "Gotta go! People to save!" and ran down the street.

Her mom called me the next day and told me the girls said it was awesome. Score! I saw them a few weeks later at the restaurant. Her girls came to get my autograph (I was, of course, Supergirl at that time and they didn't recognize me.) They told me about the fabulous birthday party they had had. Super cool.

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