Sunday, November 22, 1998

Glove Bunny

Glove Bunny, circa 1998

I made this little bunny one afternoon with my boyfriend's mother. I think she got the idea from a magazine.

It's made out of a cloth glove. First, you reverse the thumb into the body of the glove. It will look like a pocket. The two middle fingers become his ears, the outer two fingers become his arms. On the back, you pinch a small section and stitch around it to make a tail, or you could add a little pom-pom tail. For his feet, you snip the opening at the bottom of the glove, then stuff and stitch shut. The addition of a little scarf helps define his neck. I was new to sewing when I made this, and sadly added his mouth with a Sharpie. I definitely recommend stitching one on.

He'd make a cute Easter or Christmas decoration.

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