Thursday, December 30, 2004

quilt: cabin in the woods

[Need to find a picture.]
(winter 2004)

My mom and step-dad live in the mountains, in a cozy log cabin. When I saw this fabric, I knew exactly what to give them for Christmas. The center is one panel, but the surroundings are pieced together from a coordinating fabric. The original print also featured badgers- but badgers don't live near my mom's, so I cut out clusters of animals that are indigenous to the area. The backing is a giant piece of flannel, and the batting is pretty heavy- so this little blanket is quite warm.

I hand stitched most of it, but used a fusible webbing for other parts. After giving them the quilt, I learned that I didn't use the webbing properly- oops! So I called my mom and gave her the instructions. She ended up machine stitching the whole thing, just in case. Lesson learned. :)

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